Inspired by Pop art's colors and Urban Art, Lucie Lith creates stencils that she mixes with text to tell stories that people will perceive according to their own sensitivity.


"What matters to me is not to please or to displease, but to touch. Only emotion counts"

All begins with words

Lucie Lith worked for many years in operational marketing and management. A self-taught artist, she decided to devote herself fully to painting in 2015, but she has been creating since a young age.

Driven by a pronounced taste for imagination and storytelling, she first developed her sensitivity and creativity through the writing of poems and several novels, before discovering collage in 2008. Her work quickly evolved into more complex creations, using images that she reworks then prints, cuts and tears, adding paint and text to enrich her message.


The marriage of writing and painting

From 2016, she discovered the techniques of urban art with the use of aerosol and she created her own stencils in which she began to mix text. The marriage between words and painting then takes place. The letters integrate its characters and the background to compose a face, reveal a thought, illustrate an attitude or even claim a conviction. The focus is on each person's story, the experiences that shape our beings and define who we are. Because we are all made of the accumulation of our stories. We always keep a trace of our encounters and experiences within us and nothing really fades.


Lucie Lith's creations combine acrylic paint with a pen or brush and aerosol. They are often made of dozens of layers of stencils that the artist destroys once the work is completed. Because each story is unique. The characters are made up of an amalgam of words that get tangled up and entangled in excess, and whose letters often fly away in the background. The colors seem to fit into each other to reveal creations with an incomparable style and reveal unstructured-looking subjects, symbolizing the imperfection of this world while displaying a unity that carries hope.


A quest for meaning

Each of Lucie Lith's artworks is a message and has the ambition to tell a story. For the artist, only emotion counts and the quest for an ideal is omnipresent. Each canvas stems from the desire to challenge the other, to give free rein to his imagination and reinvent reality, in order to question the world in which we live, but also to recall its essential values ​​such as love, hope or even freedom. It also prompts us to think about the place of writing and the role of memory in our societies increasingly invaded by immediate and temporary images, the disappearance of writing in favor of sms and the superficiality of social networks. A way to fight against this culture of the ephemeral which will leave us nothing ...


C de L'art Magazine - January 2020

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