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Inspired by the colors of Pop art and Urban Art, Lucie Lith produces artworks where words mingle with paint to create a distinctive visual language.

At the beginning there are words

Lucie Lith worked for many years in operational marketing and management. A self-taught artist, she decided to fully dedicate herself to painting in 2015, but she has been creating since a young age.

Driven by a strong affinity for imagination and storytelling, she initially cultivated her sensitivity and creativity through writing poems and several novels before discovering collage in 2008. Quickly, her work evolved towards more intricate creations, using images that she reworks, prints, cuts, and tears, adding paint and text to enrich her message.

The marriage of writing and painting

From 2016, she discovered urban art techniques using aerosol and began creating her own stencils, which she started combining with text. The marriage between words and paint then took place and became the core of her artistic approach. The letters integrate with her characters and the scenery to compose a face, reveal a thought, illustrate an attitude, or advocate a conviction. The emphasis is placed on the story of each individual, the experiences that shape our beings and define who we are. Because we are all made up of the accumulation of our stories. We always carry within us a trace of our encounters and experiences, and nothing truly fades away.

Lucie Lith's creations blend acrylic paint with pen or brush and aerosol. They often consist of layers of stencils, which the artist destroys once the artwork is completed, as each story is unique. The characters are made up of a fusion of intertwining words, with letters often floating into the scenery. The colors seem to fit into each other, revealing creations with an incomparable style and showcasing subjects with a fragmented appearance, symbolizing the imperfection of this world while displaying a unifying sense of hope. Occasionally, a text or poem accompanies the artwork.

A quest for meaning

Each of Lucie Lith's artworks is a message and aspires to tell a story. Each canvas stems from the desire to engage others, to unleash the imagination, and to reinvent reality, in order to question the world we live in and also evoke essential values such as love, humanism, and freedom. It also prompts us to reflect on the place of writing and the role of memory in societies increasingly inundated by immediate and ephemeral images, the fading of writing in favor of text messages, and the superficiality of social media. It is a way to combat this culture of the transient that will leave us with nothing...


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