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"Triggering Emotion to inspire Action"


When Art engages alongside professionals :

An ambitious and innovative project with the creation

of the first relief and braille Artworks.

Ethand'Art began with the team at GEDEAS wanting to choose a different medium to generate genuine interest in the inclusion of people with disabilities. It all started in 2019 when GEDEAS, through a call for projects titled "ART & Handicap," aimed to involve multiple artists in dismantling prejudices and offering a fresh perspective on disability. Why not use Art to "Trigger Emotion and Inspire Action"?

Lucie Lith participated in this call for projects by presenting her artwork "Liberté," a spray paint and stencil composition on canvas consisting exclusively of the word "liberté" (freedom), accompanied by a specially written text for the project. The artwork was selected and acquired by GEDEAS, marking the beginning of an enduring collaboration between the artist and the company.

00 Liberté BD Singulart.jpg
Marianne tactilo visuelle encadrée copie.jpg

Inaugurating the first touchable artwork that also addresses visually impaired individuals, this Marianne artwork was transformed into a relief and braille edition on a limited edition "Dibond" plate in early 2021, using a unique printing process :

Marianne tactilo non encadrée.jpg

Subsequently, other tactile-visual artworks will be developed, printed in relief and braille, always in partnership with GEDEAS and its CEO Lilian PITAULT, the initiator of this project, to support causes that go beyond disabilities and still relate to people in difficult situations.

"Octobre rose," specially created in support of women affected by breast cancer.

Below is the original painting artwork and its tactile-visual version on the right.

01 Octobre rose 80x80cm.jpg
Ethandart Octobre rose2_edited.jpg

Pink ribbons, symbols of the campaign against breast cancer, scatter in the background. They escape and fly behind this young woman who covers one eye, as if to obscure the disease that will not prevent her from living.

stop violence copie.png

"STOP VIOLENCE," in support of women who are victims of violence, whether domestic or in the form of harassment, both on the streets and at work.

In 2022, the Espace Brassens Museum in Sète, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary and its major collective exhibition, wanted to stand out by commissioning a portrait of Georges Brassens from Lucie Lith through GEDEAS.

Two artworks were created: an original painting and its tactile-visual version in relief and braille, presented by the artist during the opening on June 25, 2022.

00 bRASSENS OK.jpg

More information about the ETHAND'ART project and the company GEDEAS can be found here.

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